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Why hire a professional officiant?

I have officiated close to 550 weddings. I am very experienced.

I work in unison with the DJ and photographer if there is not a strong coordinator presence to ensure that the wedding ceremony is organized.

I have a full time job, therefore my officiating income is not my only income. I charge reasonable fees because I love officiating weddings.

I customize my wedding ceremonies so that they suit my couples perfectly.

I am accountable. I have not missed one wedding ceremony.

I am frequently contacted by brides whose officiant can no longer perform their ceremony, usually last minute. Often times these cancellations are friends or family members.

Please read the article from The International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants (who I am a member of) here regarding hiring a professional wedding officiant.

For all of the reasons mentioned above, please consider hiring a professional officiant before asking a friend or family member to officiate your wedding!

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