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My very first same-sex male wedding!

I have never had an issue with marrying same sex couples. Some vendors have different opinions about it, but I do not. Anyone in love deserves to get married whether they are same sex, inmates, divorcee's, etc. In my opinion love has no boundaries.

I was contacted by Junior to marry him and his fiance' Jerrick on June 6, 2015 at The Stillwell house in downtown Tucson. The Stillwell House is one of my favorite venues and I perform many weddings there. Junior and Jerrick were my very first same sex male marriage since marriage was legalized in Tucson. I worked with Junior mostly on all of the planning.

I absolutely loved this couple. Junior is more outgoing and Jerrick is more reserved. They are kind and adorable! I was so happy to have met them and be selected to be their wedding officiant and still consider them my friends!

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