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The savage rock star and the true beauty!

In February of 2013 I attended a rock show in Tucson for Papa Roach with my middle daughter. Another band, Otherwise was opening for them and I had heard their cover of Adele's "Rolling in the deep" and really enjoyed the version. Little did I know, but in that same month and year Adrian met his beautiful wife at a show also, but across the country in New York.

Otherwise were out of this world! After the show the band all met at the merch table and I met everyone and had a photo with the lead singer, Adrian Patrick, this man right here in these photos! When I met him I said to him "you are beautiful" and he said "you are beautiful too". There it began.

At the next show I went to with my hubby, his first Otherwise show, I had had two dog tag necklaces personalized to say "soldiers" on one side which stands for one of Otherwise's most popular songs and "true love never dies", the name of their current album when I met them. I gave Adrian's to him and he was very touched. To this day he comments on mine because I wear it to every show (and he forgets that he too, has one!)

My hubby and I built a relationship with Adrian and his Brother Ryan as we attended each show. We met Adrian's girlfriend Katie at a show or two and also started building a friendship. As Adrian and Katie's relationship continued and deepened and they brought a beautiful baby boy, Adagan into the world, they planned their wedding to include me as their officiant and Michael as their photographer.

Michael and I traveled to Las Vegas to marry Adrian and Katie. They were married on Saturday March 12, 2016 upon a hilltop overlooking the river at Wells Trail head at Clark County Wetlands Park at sunset! Marrying Adrian and Katie was one of the most important days in my life and we felt truly honored to be a part of their wedding and festivities. The friendship between us all is so very precious. Adrian's brother Ryan and Katie's sister Jen were included in the Celtic hand fasting ceremony and my hubby and I bought Adrian and Katie both the special box to s