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Wendy The Officiant Saguaro Buttes, Tucson AZ

Before COVID-19 I would periodically attend in-person meetings with possible couples.

Since COVID-19 I have attended more Zoom meetings than in the twelve years that I have been officiating weddings!

I thought I would create a page answering the top five most asked questions during Zoom meetings to help inform all of my couples.

Q1. Do I need to have a rehearsal?

 A1. If you have more than four people in your bridal party or little people, I recommend a rehearsal.

Q2. What do you wear to weddings?

A2. Please look at the photos on the home page of this website to see what my wedding wardrobe look like!

Q3. If something happens to you and you cannot perform our wedding ceremony, do you have backup?

A3. Yes!  Both my husband and daughter are fabulous wedding officiants and would cover my wedding.

Q4. How long, on average, is the length of a wedding ceremony?

A4. A wedding at a venue usually lasts 15-20 minutes.

Q5. We are not religious, are your wedding ceremonies non denominational?

A5. Absolutely! All ceremonies start non denominational. If you are religious, we will add in what you wish.

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