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Wendy, we cannot begin to thank you enough for stepping in to perform Katharine and Nim's wedding ceremony.  We have all appreciated your calm demeanor and excellent advise.


EVERYONE loved the ceremony and we were so  happy to have a lovely officiant who performed the ceremony with elegance and class.  My husband's comment was, "I am so glad we had Wendy - she was fabulous, and oh so much better than "bad Santa!'"


Thanks again for making everything so beautiful!


Parents of Katharine (and Nim)


Wendy The Officiant

"Our wonderful wedding officiant! George and I loved every minute with her! Thank you Wendy Kotch for helping make our day perfect!"


George and Tina

Wendy The Officiant

"Wendy, we loved having you as our officiant, the ceremony was beautiful. We released the 3 butterflies that were still left at the end of the night this morning off the balcony of our hotel!"

Beth and Sarah

Wendy could not have been more perfect for our wedding. Anthony and I wanted our wedding to be fun but also include inspirational messages. Wendy made the rehearsal a lot of fun and fit right in with our family and friends. We were very happy when she accepted our invite prior to stay for the rehearsal dinner. We felt it was important to have a good relationship and connection to the person that was going to be marrying us and speaking at our ceremony. Since we had a destination wedding in Arizona, we were not able to meet our vendors in person. Wendy video chatted with us for over an hour and made us feel comfortable and was very accommodating to our vision for the ceremony. We chose to combine a few different pieces of her sample ceremony options and she did exactly what we wanted. Thank you Wendy for making our wedding planning and experience so wonderful!


Caitlin and Anthony

Wendy The Officiant

"Wendy is fabulous :) When I first began my search for officiants it was hard to find someone that was a good match.  My husband and I are not particularly religious however we still wanted our ceremony to be meaningful.  Wendy helped us put together the perfect ceremony and it was just that.  Not only did she help with the process leading up to the wedding she was very calm during the wedding which really meant a lot to me because I was very nervous and there were a lot of guests in attendance. In addition she goes above and beyond with things such as having our vows printed ahead of time so we didn't have to whip out a crumpled up piece of paper during our big moment. I would recommend her a thousand times over! Plus her British accent adds the perfect touch of elegance;)"


Leah and Chris

Wendy The Officiant

"Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding ceremony so beautiful! You were so wonderful to work with and so helpful throughout the whole process.


Thank you!

Jaimi and Chris

Wendy The Officiant

"We were so glad to have you as part of our big day!! You are amazing and felt like part of the family!!"


Tyson and Kelly

Wendy The Officiant

"Wendy is wonderful! She was recommended to me by my sister who attended a wedding that Wendy officiated, and I am glad she did! She is ready, willing and able to meet you anywhere to practice and calm those nerves. I love that when you initially meet her that she asks a lot of questions about you and gets a sense of who you are as a couple. During the ceremony she didn't go off on any tangents or anything (I've heard from other friends who were brides having this happen to them) and she speaks loud and clear, not to mention with an awesome British accent. Wendy did an amazing job and I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone!"


Dan and Erika

Wendy The Officiant
Wendy The Officiant

"Wendy was the best. She let us get creative with our ceremony and even though we made up a lot of our own things, she did it flawlessly! She was also so very sweet, charming and beautiful (a lovely addition to our wedding photos). When it comes to a wedding you can't re-do it, so we sure are happy we chose Wendy!"

Ian  and Candy

Wendy The Officiant
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